I.B.S. Cub Scout Uniforms

The official I.B.S. Cub Scout Uniform is as follows:
Cap blue with yellow piping and Cub Scout insignia at the front
Neckerchief I.B.S. yellow and blue neckerchief, worn with a neckerchief slide of any design approved by the Cubmaster
Shirt blue, long or short sleeve; "CUB SCOUTS, I.B.S." strip stitched over the right pocket; community strip stitched along left shoulder seam; pack numeral in yellow stitched 5 cm below the seam on the left shoulder, den number stitched 5 cm below the seam on the right shoulder; other insignia as specified for various ranks, offices, and achievements
Trousers blue, matching shirt; or shorts of the same color in summertime
Belt blue web with I.B.S. approved buckle
Stockings blue or black socks of any length when worn with long trousers; or knee length, blue, turned down below the knee, when worn with shorts
Shoes plain, black or brown, oxfords; or canvas or field shoes when on outings

(C) 2015 International Boy Scouts, Troop 1 • Yokohama, JAPAN

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