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IBS Troop 1 Pack 1 - Cub Scouts' Newsletter

November, 2001


Community Service - Your chance to help out

Pack 1 Cub Scouts will have the chance to help out at a number of community service events and earn a very "cool" patch in the process.span>The community service patch will be awarded to those scouts who help at 3 (or more) IBS designated community service events, assisting for a total of at least 8 hours.

The first of the IBS designated events, the St. Maur Christmas Family Fun Day was held on Saturday, 17th November. The Cub Scouts helped by running some outdoor games, fishing, frisbee and bowling.

Games, lunch, a treasure hunt, good weather and a chance to pick up new IBS uniforms! In short, everything needed for a great outing! (Check out photos from this event and our overnight camping trip elsewhere on this site). Many thanks to Liz Broderick for co-ordinating this event. (Do you know just how many times she climbed all those stairs to make sure she counted right?!).

Pack 1 - Den Details 

(5th graders)

Leader - Denis Jones

Den 6 - Lions (4th graders)

Leader - Mark LeGeros

Den 7 - Bears (3rd graders)

Leader - Philip Morris

Temporary Leader - Helena Brooks

Den 3 - Wolves (2nd graders)

Leader - Sumi Foxwell

Den 5 - Beavers (1st graders)

Coordinator - Linda Schmidt


Things to look forward to... (but beware, dates and events may change!)

December 8 Day Outing to Hakone (Meet at Yamate JR Station exit at 7:45 a.m.; return 5:00 p.m.)

January 18 Pack Meeting at YCAC - "Skits and Stories"

January Mochizuki wiht BSN

February Family Hike

March 15 Pack Meeting at YCAC - "Magic and Jokes"

April 13 Pinewood Derby

April 29 @ Community Service Event - St. Maur Food Fair

May 5 Community Service Event - YIS Food Fair

May 10 Pack Meeting at YCAC - Awards, Merit badges, etc...

May/June Overnight Outing

June 1 IBS Cub Scout Banquet at YCAC - Rank Advancement Ceremonies

Look elsewhere on for photos, forms and information about IBS or contact Mark LeGeros at Cubmaster@troop1.netspan>Tel: 045 663 9080