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Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Member

Honorary Life Membership is different from Honorary Membership in that the recepiant has been "honored" with Life Membership. It is the most distingushed of all IBS adult member categories, and is an honor awarded to I.B.S. Scouters who have made unique, unparalled contributions to the I.B.S.

Past Appointments
Steve Domotor

ASM, SSA, IBS Globe Scout (H), BSA Eagle Scout


Past Honorary Life Members

Name Past Appointments
Joseph Janning

IBS Founder
Golden Globe
8 Jan, 1888 - 4 Aug,1982

John Mittwer

Founding youth member
Completed requirements for the highest rank in 1923; Globe Scout awarded in 1959
WOSM ASM warrant 1966
Contingent Leader WSJ12

Leo Kraft

Years in IBS: 47
Years as CM, SM, or SSA: 23
Golden Globe
15 Jul, 1909 - 19 Apr,1991

James Masaura (Masur)

Years in IBS: 62
Years as CM, SM, or SSA: 22
Golden Globe
4 Oct, 1925 - 14 Nov,2014

Charles Leobig

Years in IBS: 30
Years as CM, SM, or SSA: 28
Golden Globe
11 Aug, 1921 - 13 Jun,1992

Joseph Scheible

Years in IBS: 51
Years as CM, SM, or SSA: 31
Golden Globe
8 Jan, 1888-4 Aug,1982



Honorary Membership


Alumni Scouter

current only
Alumni Scouter is an honorary membership awarded to past uniformed IBS Scouters who, due to relocation or other circumstances, are no longer able serve as an IBS uniformed assistant but continue to support Scouting.
Year Awarded
Julie Fukuda


Yukinori Suzuki
Nevin Krstulovic-Opera
Max McFarland


Honorary Members

current only
An Honorary Member is a non-member of IBS that has been granted membership for having performed outstanding service and support.
Seiichi Mizunaka


Dave Nakabayashi




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